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Memmert products are engineered and manufactured to achieve the absolute best results no matter your laboratory product needs. We are passionate about precision, reliability, and flexibility. This is the basis on which we set standards for product development, production, distribution, and service.

Memmert USA, LLC is a master distribution source of Memmert products throughout North America. We work directly with the Memmert headquarters in Buchenbach, Germany. It is our responsibility to uphold the highest quality products and service under the Memmert name in all aspects of our business.

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Recent Posts

Standard Incubators, Peltier Cooled Incubators, CO2 Incubator, Compressed Cooled Incubators

What Makes Memmert Incubators Great?

There are several features that set all Memmert incubators apart from the rest. Design: Memmert incubators ar... Read More

Apr 13, 2021
Forced-Aging Beer

Case Study: Forced-Aging Beer

If you’ve ever taken a sip of stale beer then you know what an unpleasant experience it can be. Have you ever ... Read More

Apr 07, 2021
WTB Memmert Water Bath

New Water Bath Series from the House of Memmert

By Martin Duemler

Water bath WTB scores with compact design and ease of operation The South German laboratory equipment manufact... Read More

Feb 15, 2021
Memmert Eco-Friendly

Memmert presents Advanced Peltier Technology

By Martin Duemler

Memmert Peltier appliances with excellent performance The new Memmert constant climate chamber HPPeco and the ... Read More

Jan 25, 2021
Memmert Acquires WOD

Memmert & Wisconsin Oven Distributors Announces th...

By Tina Binder

Memmert is pleased to announce its recent acquisition of all assets of Wisconsin Oven Distributors, LLC, the m... Read More

Jan 14, 2021
Many uses of Memmert ovens

The Many Uses of Ovens

By Ryan Strand

Today there are many uses worldwide for something as basic as ovens. An oven as we all know it is something th... Read More

Dec 02, 2020

Peltier Cooled Incubators

Why do we love Peltier Technology? When it comes to incubators, there are two common technologies used to main... Read More

Nov 17, 2020

Vacuum Processing – common practices in several in...

By Tina Binder (Strand)

Vacuum ovens are a very common piece of equipment used in a wide range of industrial/laboratory applications. ... Read More

Oct 14, 2020
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