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Laboratory Water Baths

Laboratory water baths are the preferred method of heating flammable chemicals, and they do an excellent job of maintaining even temperatures. Water baths can keep samples moving while being heated by either shaking or circulating the samples according to testing specifications.

SingleDisplay vs TwinDisplay

Our products are equipped with AtmoCONTROL technology that has programming functions depending on which display you select:


  • Manage and organize data
  • Save log files in several formats
  • Monitor up to 32 devices online
  • Automatic alarms sent to your email when conditions are out of spec

Additional features with TwinDISPLAY

  • Archive of ramps and program sequences
  • Real-time view of program sequences
  • Loops can be inserted within a temperature control program at any place
  • Download and manage programs via Ethernet or USB
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Laboratory water bath applications

For over 70 years Memmert has developed top-of-the-line, reliable and user-friendly water baths for all laboratory and research uses. Memmert water baths are energy efficient and precise—perfect for any project. Our precise controls ensure complete temperature uniformity and stability during every use. Water baths are available in seven model sizes with either standard temperature control or electronic overtemperature control capabilities. Contact a Memmert USA representative to get pricing and get matched with the right model for your project. Water baths offer several advantages over other heating methods, including low thermal mass, high heat transfer coefficient, and easy temperature control, making them versatile and essential tools in many laboratory settings. Memmert water baths have a wide variety of uses for both research and industrial settings:

The process of using a water bath starts by setting a defined temperature for the electronically controlled water bath. Thermal energy is then transferred to the water chamber through heat conduction beginning the process of heating the bath. Accessories can be added to any of our water baths that include electronically controlled shaking devices and compact cooling units.


Frequently Asked Questions About Laboratory Water Baths

Have a different question? Contact us today to find a water bath to suit your needs.

Memmert Water Baths: Software & features

Memmert water baths have customization and pricing options to suit your lab. We can customize any feature including:

  • Water level control
  • Calibration certificate
  • Fitted stainless steel gable cover
  • Stainless steel flat cover with openings and ring sets
  • Shelf reversible for two heights 
  • Portable stainless steel rack
  • Shaking device for water baths
  • Support basket with perforated mounting shelf

Applications for water baths

Water baths are used in labs, factories, industrial settings and more for a variety of uses:

  • Corrosion testing
  • Vaccine testing
  • Underwater simulation
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