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Memmert USA Team

Our team is focused on customer service and finding the best Memmert equipment for your project. We work with you to outline the specific layout of your lab and the capabilities you need to get the job done correctly before we match you with the best product. We stand by our equipment so we offer warranties and technician support—see here for our full warranty information.

We serve every type of business, from mom and pop shops to commercial research facilities. Our thermostatic equipment heats, cools, controls humidity and other environmental conditions. Contact us to find your perfect Memmert equipment.

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The partnership with Memmert began in the 80s when Wisconsin Oven Corporation reached out to distribute Memmert equipment in the United States. The relationship between Memmert and our corporation strengthened as the business grew. When the CEO took over the company early in 2006, she began selling equipment from her home. As the business expanded, WOD, now Memmert USA, LLC moved to Eagle, WI.


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The Evolution of


June 21st 1933 Willi Memmert founded the company Memmert in Schwabach.  The culture of Memmert was characterized by Willi.  His wealth of knowledge for invention, his courage, international/global attitude, and his own self-conception in dealing responsibly with Memmert employees still live on today.

Aeolus & the vacuum oven were born

When in 1947 the Red Cross commissioned a hot-air sterilizer to avoid the danger from infections and epidemics, Willi Memmert, an electrical engineer, proved his talent. In those times of economic hardship, he found the perfect material for his first temperature control chamber Aeolus: recycled aluminum from old aircraft parts. Willi Memmert turned the Aeolus into one of the typical success stories of the years of the Economic Miracle. In a very short time, he brought further models to the production line and distributed these beyond the borders of his home market.

A few years later, worldwide deliveries were shipped from the newly built headquarters in the south of Germany. When the production capacity in the main factory was no longer sufficient, Memmert built another factory in 1974 in Büchenbach. The ideal requirements for the impressive manufacturing depth and at the same time the guaranteed high product quality had now been created. Today, the internal value added is still more than 90%.

Peter & Grete Memmert Riefler Take Reign

In 1976, after the sudden accidental death of Willi Memmert, Grete Memmert Riefler and Peter Riefler took over the management. True to the founder's tradition, they also focused on export and expanded personal contacts, especially on the Asian continent. However, under their management, further technological milestones were set as well: The first electronic controller, the introduction of Peltier appliances and the 2003 generation of appliances were a good start for Memmert into the new millennium.


In 1987 Memmert began a partnership to bring the manufacturer’s products to the United States market.

INC02 Introduced

Memmert developed a CO2 incubator in 1992 that featured all-around heating from 6 sides. COgas is heavier than air so a small fan was needed to achieve the best temperature distribution. Other manufacturers have been trying to copy Memmert's incubator design for years because of the ingenious design.

Pittcon in Chicago

Memmert USA showcased Memmert equipment at PIttcon in Chicago, IL. 

Pittcon is a conference that presents the latest advances in research and scientific instrumentation, and a platform for continuing education and career-enhancing opportunity.

Welcome Peltier Technology

The introduction of vacuum ovens with digital pressure control and cooling incubators with Peltier technology in the year 2000 are prominent milestones in temperature control technology. Just as extraordinary is the noble design of Generation 2003, a combination of glass and stainless steel. Memmert is still one step ahead thanks to Peltier technology. This design controls temperature effectively while saving energy costs. The HPP constant climate chamber with humidity control is presented at the Analytica 2008. In 2009, the Peltier cooling unit for water baths follows.

WOD Is Born

In 2006, Wisconsin Oven Distributors was born, and the partnership continued with Tina as they became the Master Distributors of Memmert products throughout the United States.

CEO Tina Binder began Wisconsin Oven Distributors from her home and moved to their current headquarters in Eagle, WI several years later.

The Third Generation Brings New Light

On April 1, 2007, Grete Memmert Riefler and Peter Riefler hands over management to their daughter. Christiane Riefler-Karpa, who had several leading positions in globally active companies after her national and international studies, took over as managing director and with it all responsibilities for the family company.

Traditional values such as customer satisfaction, quality, innovation, and reliability were to be upheld. This is what the new managing director has been pursuing from the start. With the business succession, the fields of customer orientation and product development received new impulses in order to be successful in the global market in the future as well. Outstanding examples for this new orientation were the opening of a branch in Shanghai (2011), a representation in India (2012) and especially the introduction of the Generation 2012 of appliances on the occasion of ACHEMA 2012. Willi Memmert, the company founder, was a never-tiring tinkerer and inventor. All his life, customer requests were the incentive for product innovations and new developments and that is how things continue to be at Memmert.

HPP released

Memmert introduced the constant climate chamber HPP with active humidity control in addition to the Peltier-cooled incubator IPP in 2008. For years, Memmert was the only manufacturer that offered a powerful, energy-efficient large-volume Peltier appliance as a series product. 

Generation 2012

Memmert introduced the new Generation 2012 of its universal ovens, incubators, sterilizers, Peltier-cooled incubators, constant climate chambers and cooled storage incubators. The focus for this new generation was placed on intuitive operation, clear display of all parameters, and programming thanks to the new software AtmoCONTROL.

Memmert USA, LLC Is Born

In 2021,  we officially joined the Memmert team as Memmert USA, LLC with a focus on expanding the market of Memmert equipment throughout the United States.

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