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Memmert products are engineered and manufactured to achieve the absolute best results no matter your laboratory product needs. We are passionate about precision, reliability, and flexibility. This is the basis on which we set standards for product development, production, distribution, and service.

Memmert USA, LLC is a master distribution source of Memmert products throughout North America. We work directly with the Memmert headquarters in Buchenbach, Germany. It is our responsibility to uphold the highest quality products and service under the Memmert name in all aspects of our business.

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5 Good Reasons to Buy a Memmert

Jan 26, 2023

1 – intuitive operation: touch, turn & go! Fine glass and stainless steel. The elegant display has characterized Memmert lab ovens for many years now. Since the newest generation of appliances, our products have become intelligent and interactive. Meet the Memmert ControlCOCKPIT!   It has never been easier to operate a lab oven All adjustable parameters such as temperature (either Celsius or Fahrenheit), relative humidity, fan speed or exhaust air flap position can be set up in three quick step... Read More

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