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Memmert products are engineered and manufactured to achieve the absolute best results no matter your laboratory product needs. We are passionate about precision, reliability, and flexibility. This is the basis on which we set standards for product development, production, distribution, and service.

Memmert USA, LLC is a master distribution source of Memmert products throughout North America. We work directly with the Memmert headquarters in Buchenbach, Germany. It is our responsibility to uphold the highest quality products and service under the Memmert name in all aspects of our business.

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Case Study: How Does Our Body Clock Tick? The Memmert CO2 incubator in Chronobiology

Apr 19, 2021

Switzerland is world-famous for its clocks. It therefore seems logical that four renowned Swiss universities, located in Basel, Geneva, Zurich and Lausanne, are dedicated to chronobiology. Freiburg University, which is located nearby, is also on this list. Why some people are "early birds" while others are "night owls" and turn night into day is just one question this branch of research deals with on a cellular and molecular level. Chronobiology provides results on the body clock At a rough esti... Read More

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