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Memmert USA provides German-manufactured Memmert products including heating and drying ovens, incubators, climate chambers and water baths. Our products are stainless steel inside and out and include a 3-year warranty. Contact our team for more information on specifications & specialized options for our products.

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Heating & Drying Ovens

Our drying ovens range from a table top version to industrial sized. All ovens come with the option for sophisticated programming technology to monitor complex cycles via desktop or mobile devices.

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Memmert incubators are made of hygienic, easy-to-clean stainless steel and an adjustable air fan is available. Precise control technology is included to make sure critical temperature overshoots are impossible. Memmert’s incubators with TwinDISPLAY feature a 4 hour sterilization program.

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Climate Chambers

Climate Chambers are made to be easy-to-clean, durable and stable over long test periods. Double doors prevent contamination, condensation & rises in temperature. There is active humidification/dehumidification to always keep samples in spec.

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Water Baths

Our water baths have finely-tuned temperature control and an electronic overtemperature controller. There are a wide range of programmable visual and acoustic signals to show when conditions are out of spec, fluid is too low or high, or if there are other malfunctions.

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Specialty Equipment

Memmert USA sells specialized lab equipment for niche uses. Our specialized equipment includes cooled vacuum ovens, pass-through ovens, paraffin ovens, histology chambers and space simulation chambers.

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Programmable Lab Equipment

All of our products come with the option for TwinDISPLAY software. This has all of the features of SingleDisplay. SingleDISPLAY software allows users to organize data, save log files in multiple formats, monitor up to 32 devices and receive email & audible alarms when conditions are abnormal.


TwinDISPLAY allows users to:

  • Program more intricate program sequences
  • Visualize program sequences as they are carried out
  • Program loops within programs at any place
  • Managing & writing weekly programs
  • Managing & transferring programs on all devices via Ethernet or USB


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