CO2 INCUBATOR ICOmed for cell cultivation and especially for in-vitro fertilization, the precision, and reliability of CO2 incubators are of crucial importance.


Today, programming is done via AtmoCONTROL by means of the mouse or touchpad on your notebook. Even the most complex ramp programs are created within minutes.

Stainless Steel

Beautiful and functional. Memmert stainless steel is scratch resistant, hygienic, robust and ever-lasting.


Touch, turn & go. Quick setup in three steps using the TwinDISPLAY.

High End Functions

  • Those who can control the temperature with the highest precision can also redefine precision time and time again. The control system of the Memmert CO2 incubator ICO is so finely tuned that the appliance reaches the setpoint temperature very quickly and without temperature overshoots. Alarm notifications to your mobile phone guarantee the safety of the chamber load and can be added to the unit as an optional feature. An additional optional feature includes the battery-buffered ControlCOCKPIT which ensures continuous CO2 control even when there is a power failure. Ideal hygiene is a given too: rounded edges enable easy and thorough cleaning, the interior can be sterilized within 60 minutes at 180 °C.
  • Temperature range up to +50 °C
  • 4 model sizes (with a chamber volume of 56 to 241 liters)
  • Fail-safe, FDA-compliant logging of temperature, CO2, O2 humidity, open door time data
  • Battery-buffered ControlCOCKPIT: The operating display, logging, and CO2 control are fully functional even during a power failure
  • Visual and acoustic alarm as well as alarm notification to mobile phones if the individually adjustable temperature, CO2, O2, or humidity ranges are exceeded
  • Active humidity control
  • The interior chamber, including all installations and sensors, can be sterilized at +180 °C in a 60-minute program

Minimizing Vaporization & Condensation

  • Active humidity control ensures short recovery times after the door has been opened and minimises vaporization in the interior. Together with the heating of the interior from all six sides and the heated inner glass door, it offers maximum protection for cell and tissue cultures and avoids the dangerous formation of condensation. The turbulence-free chamber ventilation ensures a constant and uniform atmosphere.

Unique Incubator Advantages

  • User-friendly, intuitive operating concept
  • Almost exclusive use of high-quality, corrosion-resistant and easily cleanable stainless steel for the inner chamber and housing
  • Precise and homogenous temperature control thanks to a product-specific heating concept
  • A wide range of options for programming and documentation using interfaces and integrated data loggers

User Friendly

  • All parameters can be set easily and intuitively both with the operating display and the ControlCOCKPIT or the AtmoCONTROL software. The shutter box can be opened, allowing fast access to controls. Maintenance is possible even if the appliances are stacked. The incubator ICOmed has USB and Ethernet connections as well as a data logger with a ten-year storage capacity. Data can be read and programs can be uploaded by remote access. Numerous features of the CO2 incubator ICOmed don’t let anything open to be desired:
  • Two gas connections with quick release connectors for automatic switch-over of gas bottles
  • Optional: Electropolished, seamlessly welded chamber
  • Optional: Electronic control for active humidification and dehumidification (40 to 97% rh)
  • Control of oxygen concentration by introducing nitrogen, adjustment range from 1% to 20% O2