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Memmert Standard Incubators



IN55 Memmert Peltier-cooled incubators guarantee the perfect climate and temperature for laboratory applications. 

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Stainless Steel Scratch resistant, hygienic and durable.
3 Year Warranty A limited 3 year warranty is included with the option to purchase an extra year.
SingleDISPLAY Control temperature, fan speed, program time & more.

Temperature & Humidity

Control technology

Safety & Standards

Interior & Exterior

Additional data

Temperature & Humidity

Temperature Specs:

  • Set temperature range in °C: 
    Min. 5°C above ambient up to +80°C
  • Resolution of display for set point and actual temperature values: 

Control technology

Control Technology:

  • Adjustable parameters:
    Temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit), air flap position, program time, time zones, daylight savings time
  • Function SetpointWAIT:
    The process time does not start until the set temperature is reached
  • Calibration:
    Three freely selectable temperature values
  • Language setting: 
    German, English, Spanish, French

Safety & Standards


  • Temperature control: 
    Adjustable electronic overtemperature monitor and mechanical temperature limiter TB, protection class 1 according to DIN 12880 to switch off the heating approx. 20°C above nominal temperature
  • Autodiagnostic system:
    For fault analysis

Interior & Exterior

Stainless Steel Interior

  • Volume:
    53 I
  • Dimensions W x H x D in mm:
    w(A) x h(B) x d(C): 15.8" x 15.8" x 13"
  • Max. loading of chamber: 
    176 lbs

Textured Stainless Steel Casing

  • Dimensions: 
    w x h x d : 23" x 30.9" x 20.2"

Stainless Steel

For many years exterior textured stainless steel has been the unmistakable feature of Memmert ovens, incubators, and climate chambers in laboratory and light-industrial settings. Memmert equipment exemplifies functional design in its most elegant and hygienic form, while still being scratch resistant, robust and durable.

Stainless steel is the ideal material for temperature control chambers and heating baths. It is particularly corrosion-resistant, hygienic, robust and recyclable without question.

Wherever Memmert ovens and heating baths are used, the superiority of high-quality stainless steel is undeniable in comparison to others that utilize coated sheet steel, which can corrode very quickly when in constant use.

For the outer housing of all Memmert appliances, textured stainless steel is used (rear walls are zinc-plated sheets). The inner chamber, sliding shelves/grids, housing, interior basin and accessories for every heating bath, stainless steel of class W-St. 1.4301 (ASTM 304) is used. Since aggressive substances are frequently used in the vacuum drying oven, the inner chamber and thermoshelves are made of stainless-steel W-St. 1.4404 (ASTM 316L), and the tubing is made of stainless-steel W-St. 1.4571 (ASTM 316i).

Additional data

Electrical data

230 Volts
  • (+/- 10%)
  • 50/60 Hz / approx. 7.8 amps
115 Volts
  • (+/- 10%)
  • 50/60 Hz / approx. 13.0 amps


CE Mark of European Economic Area VDE certified Geprufte Sicherheit certified CUL Certified EAC Certified







Life Science


Food & Beverage

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