VO200 Vacuum Oven

The high-performance VO200 provides gentle drying and precise, rapid temperature control. Let us help you build the perfect oven. Contact us for customization options and pricing.

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VO200 Vacuum Oven


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NOTE See downloadable PDF on right for detailed information on equipment, options, and accessories.
Stainless Steel Interior
Volume 1.02 ft³ 29 L
Width (A) 15.1 in 385 mm
Height (B) 12.0 in 305 mm
Depth (C) 9.8 in 250 mm
Maximum Number of Thermoshelves 3
Distance between Thermoshelves 3.0 in 75 mm
Maximum Load per Shelf 20 kg 44.1 lb
Maximum Load per Oven 40 kg 88.2 lb
Textured Stainless Steel Housing
Width (D) 21.6 in 550 mm
Height (E) 23.6 in 600 mm
Depth (without Door Handle, Depth of Handle 38 mm) (F) 15.7 in 400 mm
Textured Stainless Steel Housing Safety Glass Door: Textured stainless steel frame with spring-loaded safety glass on inside and anti-splinter screen ESG on outside of door
Door Seal
Endless Silicone Profile Seal
Temperature Electronic Microprocessor Temperature Controller with Pt100 and Auto-Diagnostic System
Temperature Sensor Pt100 Class A in 4-Wire Circuit Individually for each Thermoshelf
Working Temperature Range at least 5 °C above ambient temperature to +200 ºC
Setting Temperature Range +20 to +200 ºC
Temperature Variation in Time (to DIN 12 880: 2007-05) (Aluminium Thermoshelf) ≤ ± 0.3 ºK
Temperature Uniformity (Surface) at +160 °C/50 mbar (Aluminium Thermoshelf) ≤ ± 2 ºK
Pressure (Vacuum)
Pressure (Vacuum) Digital Electronic Pressure Control (in programme operation up to 40 ramps, adjustable for each segment) for vacuum via solenoid valves. Tubing for vacuum, air and inert gas are made of material 1.4571 (ASTM 316 Ti). Adjustable from 10 mbar up to 1100 mbar. Digital display of actual pressure from 5 mbar up to 1100 mbar. Programmable, digitally controlled inlet for air. Integrated process control with programmable temperature and vacuum cycles enabling amongst others accelerated moisture reduction. Rapid Air Intake for Door Opening without alteration of selected vacuum setpoint
Permitted Final Vacuum 0.01 mbar
Maximum Leakage Rate 0.01 bar/h
Acoustic alarm: Over- and undertemperature
Digital Over- and Undertemperature Monitor
Mechanical Temperature Limiter (TB)
Microprocessor temperature monitor acting as overtemperature protection (protection class 3.1) with Pt100, incorporating fault diagnostics with visual and acoustic alarm
Multi-Level-Overtemperature-Protection (MLOP) for each thermoshelf
Relay for Reliable Heating cut-off in case of fault
Temperature Monitoring Band automatically linked to the setpoint (ASF)
Timer Functions
Real-time/weekly programmer with group function (e.g. Monday – Friday)
Timer with residual running time: max. 40 ramps (each 1 min. up to 999 h) programmable through controller or MEMoryCard XL; programming via PC and free-of-charge software: unlimited number of ramps
Internal log memory 1024 kB as ring memory for all setpoints, actual values, errors, settings with real-time and date; capacity up to 3 months at 1 min. intervals
“Celsius” software for control and documentation of temperature and pressure
Calibration (no sep. PC required), temperature and pressure: 3-point calibration on controller
Setting of language for dialogue and display D / UK / E / F / I
Vacuum connection with small flange DN16, and gas inlet with small flange DN 16
Further Data
Voltage 230 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Approximate Electrical Load (Loading with Max. Number of Thermoshelves), at 230 V, 50/60 Hz 1200 W
Standard Accessories
Standard Accessories Removable interior mounting – stainless steel material 1.4404 (ASTM 316 L) – with integrated lateral guide bars for thermoshelves Works calibration certificate (measuring point in the middle of the individual shelf for +160 °C at 50 mbar pressure): a separate certificate is prepared for each thermoshelf ordered and shipped together with the vacuum oven
Number of Connectors for Thermoshelves 2
Number of Thermoshelves 1
Packing Data / Vacuum Oven
Net Weight 128 lb 58 kg
Gross Weight (Packed in Carton) 141 lb 64 kg
Packed Width 26 in 67 cm
Packed Height 32 in 81 cm
Packed Depth 21 in 54 cm
Packing Data / Pump Module
Net Weight without Pump 26 kg 57 lb
Net Weight with Pump 40 kg 88 lb
Gross Weight with Pump 46 kg 104 lb
Gross Weight without Pump 32 kg 71 lb
Packed Width 67 cm 26.3 in
Packed Height 70 cm 27.5 in
Packed Depth 54 cm 21.2 in

Additional information

Weight 128 lbs
Dimensions 15.7 × 21.6 × 23.6 in

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