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Memmert ovens use high performance Peltier Technology

High Performance Peltier Technology

Peltier Technology Memmert continuously keeps refining their high precision Peltier heating and cooling technology.  This extremely sensitive temperature control concept ensures that processes are reliable and stable for the long term. The “Green” energy saving and maintenance free Peltier technology is a definite advantage over the compress cooled units.  Typically, stability tests are performed close

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Memmert standard ovens

Get to Know Memmert Ovens

Memmert ovens are used for a number of purposes including, but not limited to drying, heating, aging, testing, sterilizing, curing, and storing. Our customers choose Memmert for many of the reasons below.   Precision: Memmert ovens are extremely precise and accurate, maintaining a uniform temperature for the time duration you set. Ease of Use: Memmert

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force-aging beer

Case Study: Forced-Aging Beer

If you’ve ever taken a sip of stale beer then you know what an unpleasant experience it can be. Have you ever given any consideration as to why beer goes stale though? For the breweries behind your favorite beers, this is a primary concern. The know that when off-flavors like butter or cardboard creep in

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memmert incubators

What Makes Memmert Incubators Great?

There are several features that set all Memmert incubators apart from the rest. Design: Memmert incubators are made with stainless steel and glass, designed to be incredibly durable and easy to clean and maintain. Ease of Use: Memmert incubators have touch screen functionality and setup can be done in as little as three steps. Innovation:

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Memmert case study on melting ice cream

The Meltdown Analyzer for Ice Cream

The Meltdown Analyzer With summer approaching, ice cream sales will begin to soar. As children and adults alike enjoy their sweet treats, few will consider the science and engineering that goes into making a perfect batch of ice cream. It was a top concern of Memmert and Certa Fides though when they co-developed the Meltdown

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IPP Peltier Cooled Incubator

Peltier Cooled Incubators

We’re happy to announce that several new Memmert IPP Peltier Cooled Incubators are now available to Wisconsin Oven Distributors customers. Why do we love Peltier Technology? When it comes to incubators, there are two common technologies used to maintain consistent temperatures – Peltier technology and compressor technology. Peltier cooled incubators have several benefits over their

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Memmert case study on healthcare mattresses

Case Study: Healthcare Mattresses

Case Study: Healthcare Mattresses Most don’t think of all the work that goes into the mattress they sleep on every night, but for Michel Marynissen, Managing Director of Medical Mattress Care (MMC), located in Lokeren, Belgium, it’s his primary concern. MMC specializes in manufacturing beds, bedding, and seating for hospitals and healthcare facilities. In order

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Claymoto case study

Case Study: ClayMoto

What is ClayMoto? We’d like to introduce you to Nick Graveley, owner of ClayMoto. Nick loves motorcycles and he’s turned that passion into a successful business and decade-long career. At ClayMoto, Nick works with his clients to bring their motorcycle designs to life in the form of three dimensional clay models. In the past, he’s

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Common use cases for oil baths

Common Use Cases for Oil Baths

Use Cases For Oil Baths When lab work requires high temperature precision, liquid baths are often the solution. Liquids transfer heat more efficiently than solids, objects can be completely submerged in liquids ensuring an even distribution of heat, and high temperatures can be more easily maintained at a constant in liquid than in an open

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Wisconsin Oven Distributors: 30 Years of Partnership The team at Wisconsin Oven Distributors knows the passion and innovation behind every product from Memmert. For more than 80 years, Memmert has established itself as the Experts in Thermostatics. As Memmert’s master distributor in the United States, the Wisconsin Oven Distributors team are proud to carry on

Shola's kitchen case study

Case Study: Chef Shola

Chef Shola We would like to introduce Shola, a worldly well-known chef who has 20 years of industry experience. Today Shola spends most of his time experimenting with new types of food flavor and presentation. He has set out on a new path to combine science and food, introducing an array of mouth-watering, gourmet dishes.

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CO2 Incubator for In-Vitro Fertilization When it comes to successful in-vitro fertilization, precision and reliability of CO2 incubators are of utmost importance.   Even minimal discrepancies in CO2 and O2 concentration, temperature or humidity can influence the development of the cell culture.  To keep the recovery times of the INCO 108med incubator to a minimum, Memmert

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Marijuana Plant Budding Outdoors at Sunset

The Medical Use of Cannabis

After a world-wide ban of cultivating cannabis, the restrictions have been loosened recently, so that companies such as Ai Fame are on legally safe ground to extract and research active substances of the cannabis plant. In a Memmert climate chamber ICH, the necessary stability tests for the medical use of cannabis are performed in accordance

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Optical lenses in a drying oven

Optical Lenses The future of cameras, sensors, measuring equipment and other opto-electronic systems belongs to plastic optical lenses. The Nuremberg-based company UPT Optik Wodak GmbH has specialized in the development and manufacturing of these innovative optical components. After injection moulding, tempering is done in a Memmert cleanroom drying oven UFP 800 to increase form stability.

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quality metal tins

Quality of Metal Tins Tested

Not all tins are alike. At least not according to Hoffmann Neopac, Swiss specialist for pocket packs made of metal or metal and plastic. Lasting quality is the most important thing when it comes to product innovation. That is why metal tins are tested thoroughly in a Memmert constant climate chamber HPP. Innovative metal tins

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