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Avoid Thinking Strictly INSIDE the Box

By: Tina Binder (Strand) The launching of a new product involves a lot of work, time and money. There are several aspects to take into consideration – from the moment of idea inception, to development & design, trial/testing period, the “look and feel” functionality of the product, packaging, and end marketing. “Packaging material is chosen

Choosing The Right Lab Equipment

By: Brittni Kobs Choosing the right laboratory equipment is essential when you have a big project to tackle. Memmert equipment has been around for over 85 years and has proven to be long lasting reliable equipment in many environments. Not only does it have a long-standing history but the equipment is sleek, easy to use

Memmert Universal Ovens are commonly used to perform dry heat sterilization cycles on respirators and other medical equipment.  Respirators can be sterilized using Memmert Universal Ovens as long as:  the materials the respirators are composed of are compatible to the applied sterilization process parameters the bioburden of the respirators are established the applied sterilization process

Memmert standard ovens

Get to Know Memmert Ovens

Memmert ovens are used for a number of purposes including, but not limited to drying, heating, aging, testing, sterilizing, curing, and storing. Our customers choose Memmert for many of the reasons below.   Precision: Memmert ovens are extremely precise and accurate, maintaining a uniform temperature for the time duration you set. Ease of Use: Memmert

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Storage tests of cosmetics

Storage Tests of Cosmetics

As a partner of internationally renowned cosmetics manufacturers, Faber-Castell Cosmetics is one of the leading private label manufacturers of high-quality cosmetic pencils for face, eyes, lips and nails. Elaborate formulas and packaging are developed to transformed cosmetic trends into successful products in the future. For reliable quality assessments of new trends, the company relies on

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Memmert blanket warmers

Memmert Blanket Warmers Help Save Lives

“20-year-old seriously injured after armed robbery shooting.” “Pedestrian suffers life-threatening injuries in traffic accident” “Man seriously injured in fall from balcony at Performing Arts Center” If you’re a first responder in one of the above situations, your job is to stabilize the injured person and get them to a hospital trauma center as quickly as

Cannabis production

Hot Topics in Cannabis Production

According to New Frontier Data, “Overall sales within the legalized U.S. cannabis industry are expected to reach $13.6 billion throughout 2019, for a 32% increase over 2018 totals worth $10.3 billion.” Furthermore, legalized cannabis is expected to continue to grow at 14% per year through 2025. That kind of growth represents a tremendous opportunity for

Peltier technology in lab ovens

The last time you went on a picnic, you may have kept your food cold using the Peltier effect without realizing it. If you own an “electric” cooler which plugs into the 12V outlet in your car you’re chilling your food without the need for ice or compressors and coils. Your electric cooler is actually

cost of Memmert water bath

Buying a Water Bath? Read This First.

A line item in your laboratory budget might convince you that price is the most important factor in your water bath purchase decision. However, an inferior piece of equipment will end up costing you more over the life of the machine. So it’s worth taking a few minutes to consider the features that a state

Lab Oven for your Needs

How To Choose The Right Lab Oven For Your Needs

The universal oven is a laboratory workhorse. It’s a multi-purpose piece of equipment that’s used in a wide range of industries and applications. It’s used for materials testing, product aging, drying, tempering, curing, and annealing. These processes are unique from industry to industry and the measures of success are endless. If you are thinking of

applications for universal lab ovens

The universal oven is Memmert’s classic appliance for heating and drying. Air circulation is controlled by a fan or by convection. The former improves uniformity of temperature and the latter is best for samples that might be disturbed by moving air. Models with TwinDisplay allow the user to set up more complex operations and processes.

About Constant Climate Chambers

by Dennis Spurlock According to a contributor on Quora, the place with the most stable climate on earth is Nukulaelae in Tuvalu. It’s a low latitude atoll, located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean right on the equator. The temperature varies just a few degrees all day, all night and all year. The trouble

climate chambers and the modern society

Climate Chambers And The Modern Society

Climate chambers have a long history in the development of modern society, and their use in laboratory experiments has given us many of the product features we love and depend on. How comfortable are you in the seat of your car? Did you take that into consideration when you decided to purchase it? The last

lab equipment customization

Customize Your Laboratory Equipment

The jobs that people need to do with their laboratory equipment are as diverse as the individuals themselves. One size might fit most, but it certainly doesn’t fit all. That’s where customization comes in. A Custom Oven For Modeling Clay For example, did you know that it’s possible to earn over $100,000 a year working

How to choose the right climate chamber

By Ryan Strand, Vice President of Operations at Wisconsin Oven Distributors  A climate chamber is used to replicate the conditions that a product will encounter in its natural environment. In particular, it can simulate conditions of humidity, temperature, moisture, and/or light. Climate chambers are found in labs around the world where they are constantly testing

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