In every interaction with Tina Strand, she exhibits a thoroughness, dedication and caring about the task at hand. This is a rarity in today's business. As a manufacturers rep it is wonderful to know we have a partner with Tina & Memmert USA, that we can count on for the very best products, experience and caring for our mutual customers.

Brent Kolhede

General Manager at Laboratory Equipment Company
I have had the pleasure to work with Tina on many different levels. She is honest, self-motivated and hardworking. Tina sets high goals for herself and works diligently to achieve them. Tina is someone I can count on for a professional completion of any task put in front of her.

Jennifer Tuttle

Director of Human Resources & Safety
Tina Strand is the type of business professional that other aspiring leaders can look up to as a great role model. Her “secret” is simple, yet elegant. Tina has a natural entrepreneurial spirit with a laser focus on the future and she is truly gifted in the ability to forge meaningful connections with people. She certainly understands the importance of on-going operational excellence but she balances that with the increasingly important “soft stuff” of trust, values, reputation, leadership, and relationships—and these traits are fast becoming the hard currency of advantage in business.

George Satula

TEC Chairman